Industrial Home Interior With Energising Yellow Decor

Industrial Home Interior With Energising Yellow Decor
Bright yellow accents create a current of energy through this 97 square metre home interior, located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Visualised by ToTaste, industrial style decor leaves rooms characteristically rugged around the edges, whilst modern furniture cleans up the aesthetic. The energising yellow elements explode at regular intervals over distressed feature walls, statement lighting, accent furniture and contemporary art. Raw grey concrete ceilings and smoky grey fabrics neutralise the vivid colour palette, and natural wood additions have a softening effect. A glass wall workspace attaches to the living room to expand the floor plan, whilst we find the bedroom tucked away under an inked ceiling with a unique illuminated 4 poster bed.

A chevron feature wall stripes the back of the kitchen, bringing a blast of pattern to the open plan living space.

Track lights outline the room, creating atmospheric mood lighting after dusk.

A modular sofa splits into two parts, giving the lounge area an L-shaped border. An eclectic pair of coffee tables mix modern and rustic vibes.

A bold yellow stripe strikes down the TV wall of the industrial living room, where it becomes a 3D element as it overlaps the TV stand.

Typographical art makes another striking statement next to the TV. A yellow lounge chair pulls up by the record player and a vinyl storage nook. ออกแบบบ้าน

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