In the bedroom, a display jar full of blown exotic eggs

In the bedroom , a display jar full of blown exotic eggs

West Village Apartment Remodel

In the bedroom , a display jar full of blown exotic eggs of varying sizes, each hand-painted gray by Pike (“a sculptural creative challenge,” he says) rests in the fireplace. Above the bed, a Brutalist 1960s sculpture by William Friedle emphasizes the couple’s interest in nature and brings to mind dead leaves in the fall. In the office, another vintage cloche showcases dozens of pale blue butterflies painstakingly assembled by Steil. He also has a passion for empty wasps’ nests and will climb on ladders to cut them down and bring them home. “When Eric spotted this one,” Steil says of the nest on the shelf, “I told him I’d go get the clippers.” If the apartment has a sense of fleeting time and hints of mortality, suggested by the gray tones, taxidermy, petrified wood burls, old nests, and other objects suggesting life passed by, Steil and Pike don’t quite see it that way. “We feel very much alive in our oasis,” says Pike, who together with Steil redid the building’s stairway and foyers too.

And each September 11, when memorial beams of light shoot up from where the Twin Towers fell, they have a view of the rays through the restoration glass of their French casement living room windows. As Pike observes: “It’s all about renewal.” สถาปนิก

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